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Lazy bones

It’s getting down to the wire. I promised myself that I would finish up book three by the end of this month. As I look at the calendar… Anyway, I can still make it happen. Pray for me. I need focus and I need to prepare for my next two, actually the projects. Hopefully I can get this completed but Sunday. Why not Saturday? I’ll be geeking out at comic con… And yes I’ll be dressed up.



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Procrastination… Again.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written in WordPress.  I have so many distractions going on at once and I can’t focus.  I tried cutting off all electronics but that just made it worse.  I have so many story ideas filling my mind all at once that it’s overwhelming.  Now I’m on WP which means that I am not doing what I need to be doing.  My new game plan… Finish what I’ve started.  I need to revamp the outline for book three in the Elesin Vollan Story so that I can get going on my next story idea.  Maybe I will take the advice of one of my old co-workers and get a white board so that I can track and check off my story outline.  Gah!  Focus! Focus! Focus!  Alright, let me finish watching Master Chef Jr then I’ll work on my novel, I hope.

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