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Embrace Humanity

USRainbow RibbonI’m sick of people using someones differences as an excuse to kill. I have been reading post and comments about the mass shooting in Orlando for two days.   Most of the comments mention the need for gun control.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Yes, controlling who can carry a weapon and the number of weapons that one person can own should be regulated but I don’t think that’s the problem.  As we’ve seen throughout history, people with hate in their hearts will find a way to inflict pain.  People have used fire, bombs and knives to kill blacks, gays, religious fanatics and pro-life supporters.

I think these problems would decease if we embrace humanity and the love of our fellow man.  We spend so much time judging everyone, creating separation within our own communities, which makes it easier for an outsider to target.  We as a people need to be aware that when you create an atmosphere based on looks, background, race, etc. it creates segregation.  As we’ve seen throughout history, when a small group is X’d out of a community for being different, they are targeted.  It makes it easier for a black man to be shot on the street like a dog, or a gay man/woman to be beaten because he/she is holding hands with a loved one, or a woman to be assaulted for being too “sexy”.

We really need to come together as a community to tear down these walls of segregation and be more open.  We need to band together to insure that no one is singled out and targeted.  Stop making negative comments about different races. Stop rude comments about someone whose religion or sexual preference is different than yours. Sure, you have a right to share your opinions but don’t beat a dead horse; move on. We get it! You don’t have to agree with everything but we do need to band together. Even in the world of the animal kingdom, it is proven that if a smaller animal or group is separated from the herd, they can and will be picked off by a bigger and meaner predator.

Let us not forget that we are all one nation, we are all one people. Let’s take back the power from the haters and fill this world with love.  Love someone who is different than you; invite someone into your group that you ordinarily wouldn’t invite.  Let’s make everyone feel welcomed.  Maybe if we stop excluding groups for being different we can make it harder for those with blackened hearts to focus on an individual group to direct their hate. As usual we will heal from this mass shooting in Orlando and we will etch this into our memories like the countless other horrifying events that affect our lives but this time, lets learn from this and make a change for more humanity and human compassion.


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