New publishing company, new edits

I’m nervous about getting involved with this new publishing company.  I’m nervous about what is expected of me.  The idea of doing a book signing horrifies me.  I don’t like public speaking or having to market myself in person.  Sure, I’m a people person and I could go up to just about anyone and start up a mindless conversation.  However, there is something different about turning that natural approach into a marketing tool.  My brain shuts down.  Also, I think more than anything…it’s the fear that my novel sucks.  Then the thought that is it worth it to stage an event that only family members and friends would attend?  Great, now I’m psyching myself out before my book has even officially come out again.  Guess I’ll go back to So You Think You Can Dance or wait!  I need to be finishing up book three in the series.  Eh, I’ll get on that this weekend.  Can’t focus.  Too…Many…Distractions…Image


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