Motivation, one minute it’s here…then the next minute, it’s gone.  I’ve been working on book three for a while now; I should almost be done with it but I’m not.  I am actually so far behind (in my mind) that it teeters on pathetic.  It pains me to know that there are no limits to my procrastination.  I gag that I set goals for myself, obtainable goals and I drag them out for no good reason.  I think my main issue is that I get motivated in the wee hours of the night, like now, I should be in bed but I’m not.  Or, it could be that I’ve just discovered Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and it’s taking over my life.  Nah, that can’t be it.  Right now, I’m diverting my attentions away from my novel to write a blog that no one reads.  I guess I’ll get back too it.  I’ll complete my chapter, then it’s off to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll spend the day light hours working on my story.  SMH at myself.


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