Random Rant

I just returned home from drinking with my friend and we discussed the religious fanatics and government officials out there who are against gay marriage. These people created these random rules and regulations to hold people back.  I mean just thinking back on history, it wasn’t too long ago that my people weren’t considered whole people.  It wasn’t until 1964 that we as a people got full rights.  Women were not allowed to vote until 1920.  So just based on history alone, we can see that these old racist and sexist laws were created for “white” men to maintain their power over “people.”  It was never about enforcing the bible teachings or the Christian ways of life, it is all about power.  I know I am just one person and my opinions won’t make any changes but to keep people from marrying just because it does fit the “social” norms is ridiculous to me.  We need to support our American people to make our nation stronger from those who want to do us harm.  Keeping same sexed couples from marrying is the least of our problems when foreigners are threatening the downfall of our nation.  So lets focus on real issues like unemployment, poverty, crime, terroristic threats, etc. get rid of prehistoric prejudices laws and let people legally marry who they want.


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